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For 24 years I lived within two or three blocks of six Thai restaurants In Long Beach, CA. There is so much variety in the food; but whenever I ordered, I always included those good noodles. Yet every place makes them differently. One of my favorite places was a restaurant called Mai Thai at 19th and Pacific. It was there I first had boat noodles. Their’s was a beefy soup with different meats of different textures. Smooth and light meatballs, chunky pieces of steak, flavorful squares of liver, and I really dug pork rinds on top.

Those boat noodles also had some of my favorite ingredients: beans sprouts that reminded me of the sobas I had in Japan(my favorite soba is moyashi soba, where moyashi are bean sprouts.) Then there’s the noodles themselves which I also learned to love in Japan(back in the 70s.) Thai style tops this dish off with powered white pepper and spicy sauces of Thai chillies, roasted garlic, and a whole lot of ingredients that you just can see; but there in there (galangal, anis; Oh, I just can remember it all.) Anyway Mai Thai changed owners, got a new name and it just isn’t the same anymore.

Several times I’ve made this dish myself; because it’s like that in Long Beach. Here one needn’t go far to find the ingredients. The only trouble is you have the names from a recipe, but what do those ingredients look like in the store?

And yesterday, I had boat noodles at a new place.


2008/08/16 - Posted by | Good Eatin', Long Beach

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  1. More to come.. Like I said: 24yrs

    Comment by L.A. | 2008/08/16 | Reply

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