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Sri Maya Thai Cuisine

NOTE: Sri Maya was a wonderful restaurant; but it’s there no more!  I think it closed because of the bad economy.  I for one stopped eating out a couple years ago. In this neighborhood I’ve seen four stores close, one reopened but after changing owners 3 times.


Just dined at Sri Maya for the first time a (few days ago). The staff was very courteous, and there was a lot of food for the prices. I was accustomed to buying three dishes(around $800) each and taking only part of one home. When I saw the first dish, I was in awe as to how large it was–One giant bowl of boat noodle soup.

I had already ordered another dish(stuffed eggplant) and was about to order another. Well I had to take all of the eggplant home, and decided that a third dish wasn’t going to happen.

Srimaya Thai Cuisine

Sri Maya
( Cherry & PCH Long Beach, CA)

The boat noodles were delicious, a large(really large) bowl with lots of beef. The stuffed eggplant(I had to take home) was also a large serving, and really good.


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