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Food, This Blog, and the Economy


I am retired but I may start working part-time, soon. It a position a friend recommends me for comes through, I’ll be eating out more often and posting here.

I’ll get to cook fancier stuff too!

Oh, the funny code above is for Empire Avenue, a game I play.  The more I post here and elsewhere, the higher my score.


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  1. You know, anyone can eat well with unlimited funds.

    Getting creative and eating well on a budget–now, that ought to be a wildly popular blog!

    Comment by Holly Jahangiri | 2011/08/29 | Reply

  2. You’re right! What I eat right now could be good topics; but then we’re talking a lot of work. It’s so easy to snap a picture of a restaurant, compared to getting the lighting, plating, and the rest of the atmosphere correct for photographing at home.

    I guess with some practice it would become easier. I often want to shoot a meal after I prepare it, but don’t want to bother with preparing a scene. I just want to eat.

    Comment by Louis Frayser | 2011/08/28 | Reply

  3. I think you mean empire avenue and not enterprise avenue

    Comment by autismfamily | 2011/09/17 | Reply

    • Thanks Bonnie. I started making that mistake the 1st day. It made it so hard to google for Empire Avenue information.

      I just fixed that in the post.

      Comment by Louis Frayser | 2011/12/19 | Reply

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