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I basically use this recipe from allrecipes.com, but I double everything, except the oil which I barely use:

  • use only a few tablespoons of olive oil. It’s useful if you wish to fry the garlic and onions in oil before slow cooking.
  • use 4 cloves of garlic
  • use 1 jalapeño instead of the cayenne
  • Add 1 carot, shredded, then chopped. I shred with a potato peeler.
  • Add 4 tablespoons powdered Parmesan cheese
  • Add 1 large green bell pepper
  • Optionally, add 8oz mushrooms
  • Add sugar, about 1-1/2 tablespoon after several hours of cooking. Taste the sauce first, the sugar makes a big difference, so be careful



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Chicken Praprikash


This is a tasty dish I just learned of two days ago from this Peter Vamos video(wonderful music and cooking).

I found many recipes for Chicken Paprikash online at SparkRecipes; but I decided on the one the uses the slow cooker as I enjoy that kind of cooking.

Collecting the Ingredients

These are the items I set out to get, according the slow-cooker recipe from SparkRecipes:

  • large red bell pepper
  • large onion
  • 1pkg garlic
  • 3 loose carrots
  • 1-1/4 cup sour cream
  • 2 lbs chicken
  • Hungarian paprika

I walk instead of drive, and try to spend only 5 to 10 dollars per day on food.

Food 4 Less

I walked up to Food 4 Less for every ting. After seeing what was available, I postponed purchase of a couple of
items, and added a couple:

The only chicken breast left (Zacky Farms) was too expensive at over 7 dollars for less than the 2lbs I needed. They’d run out of the less expensive brand that was $1.79 a lb.
Hungarian Paprika:
There was no paprika there that I didn’t’ already have. I decided to hold out for the possibility of finding the right kind at another store
sour cream
I actually kept forgetting this item
I decided on bow-ties as it was flat and easy to prepare
I’d need something to hold me as this takes 8hrs to cook. I’ll have beer and peanuts

Fresh & Easy

Usually but not always more expensive, but somewhat fancier, Fresh & Easy was my second stop. I picked up two items:

I decided on a whole chicken. Even thought I did see chicken breasts at $1.79/lb the packages all weighed too much, were around $11.00 ea. I got a whole chicken for $5.17
I didn’t find Anthony labeled Hungarian, but I did find something libeled sweet. I remember from the video that
that sweet was good.
sour cream
I forgot it again;but I walked back to get a 1pt container

Miami’s’ Market

My last stop was at Mami’s (or Cherry Market) for some peanuts. I picked up another beer, just in case.

In all, I spent about 21 dollars; but with a whole chicken and two beers, this would last at least two days.



I got home, hungry, and threw most everything into the refrigerator, except the beer and peanuts. I started heating water for pasta.

I can’t quite recall what I did next while having my beer and peanuts, but I usually watch some sort of video online.

I vaguely remember playing music instead of videos; because as I was practicing trumpet at the time the water was ready for the pasta, I found the loud music from the other room a little distracting while I took the time to practice the trumpet as the pasta cooked.


I took the cooked pasta and put it in a container, then into the refrigerator.
I chopped the chicken, sliced the onion and bell pepper, and shredded a carrot.
The chichen, I placed in a large plastic bowl and floured it.

As I was placing everything into the crock pot,  I found I had way too much.
I removed half the onion, chicken, and pepper and placed that too into a container and into the refrigerator.
I added pepper and salt, cooked on high for one hour,  then set the pot to low,and cooked six more hours.

Trying it out

Early this morning around 5am, I tasted the food–almost forgot the sour cream again! It was good.  I added the sour cream. I grabbed the pasta, put it in a bowl and added some of the chicken paprikash over it.

It was wonderful. When I sliced a piece of chicken with the edge of a spoon, there was a burst of aroma from the meat. The sour cream and paprika also added a special, distinctive, flavor. I think this dish will become a regular treat for me.

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Easy Vegetarian Recipes : TreeHugger

Even though I posted a weekly meal plan a while back, hear are some vegetarian recipes, including some weekly plans: 
Easy Vegetarian Recipes : TreeHugger.

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I have this menu
 I created just to make life simpler.  When I can’t decide what to eat, I use it. Click the image to view.

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The Best Burrito Yet!

If you’re ever in Long Beach, and uh
you’re looking for something to eat, and uh
you want that good Mexican food, and uh…

Man you gotta try this big burrito!

Burrito from Los Potros

The Burrito from Los Potros

Wine not included, but there’re soft drinks.

Order at the outside window, to go. There is also dining inside, live music, and a menu of items including mariscos (seafood.)

It comes with carne asada, beef, cheese or even there’s a shrimp version. On the side there’s a special chili sauce, and an assortment of pickled vegetables: carrot, radish, jalapeño.

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Easy Slow Cooker Beef and Mushrooms

Now here’s the beef! Beef, onions and mushrooms. This is a recipe from Spark Recipes. This stew is very easy to prepare, and the ingredients are easy to find. The down side is the long wait: It’s slow cooked 4 to 8 hours. I always cook it slowly(8 hrs), and when I do it comes out so delicious. The beef melts in the mouth. And the flavor of the mushrooms just explode. The first time I cooked this, I almost ate the whole thing straight from the pot, before making a proper meal of it.  It’s ment to go over pasta or rice. Try Easy Slow Cooker Beef and Mushrooms,  by DORKETTE79, you’ll love it.

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Sri Maya Thai Cuisine

NOTE: Sri Maya was a wonderful restaurant; but it’s there no more!  I think it closed because of the bad economy.  I for one stopped eating out a couple years ago. In this neighborhood I’ve seen four stores close, one reopened but after changing owners 3 times.


Just dined at Sri Maya for the first time a (few days ago). The staff was very courteous, and there was a lot of food for the prices. I was accustomed to buying three dishes(around $800) each and taking only part of one home. When I saw the first dish, I was in awe as to how large it was–One giant bowl of boat noodle soup.

I had already ordered another dish(stuffed eggplant) and was about to order another. Well I had to take all of the eggplant home, and decided that a third dish wasn’t going to happen.

Srimaya Thai Cuisine

Sri Maya
( Cherry & PCH Long Beach, CA)

The boat noodles were delicious, a large(really large) bowl with lots of beef. The stuffed eggplant(I had to take home) was also a large serving, and really good.

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Addicted to…

For 24 years I lived within two or three blocks of six Thai restaurants In Long Beach, CA. There is so much variety in the food; but whenever I ordered, I always included those good noodles. Yet every place makes them differently. One of my favorite places was a restaurant called Mai Thai at 19th and Pacific. It was there I first had boat noodles. Their’s was a beefy soup with different meats of different textures. Smooth and light meatballs, chunky pieces of steak, flavorful squares of liver, and I really dug pork rinds on top.

Those boat noodles also had some of my favorite ingredients: beans sprouts that reminded me of the sobas I had in Japan(my favorite soba is moyashi soba, where moyashi are bean sprouts.) Then there’s the noodles themselves which I also learned to love in Japan(back in the 70s.) Thai style tops this dish off with powered white pepper and spicy sauces of Thai chillies, roasted garlic, and a whole lot of ingredients that you just can see; but there in there (galangal, anis; Oh, I just can remember it all.) Anyway Mai Thai changed owners, got a new name and it just isn’t the same anymore.

Several times I’ve made this dish myself; because it’s like that in Long Beach. Here one needn’t go far to find the ingredients. The only trouble is you have the names from a recipe, but what do those ingredients look like in the store?

And yesterday, I had boat noodles at a new place.

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