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2013-08-18 Cloudy Sunset


2013-08-18 Cloudy Sunset, a set on Flickr.

Photos from Sunday


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Meal 5 – Homemade Mexican

Meal 5 - Homemade Mexican by SharonHayesDotCom
Meal 5 – Homemade Mexican, a photo by SharonHayesDotCom on Flickr.

Sharon has some amazing dishes on display at flickr

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My Runing Shoes are Falling Apart

I don’t know how it happened, I think I was just in love with New Balance at one time, or I ran into to many at bargain prices; but years ago I had 3 pairs. I
don’t know what happened to the 3rd pair, but the 2 pairs I have left are finally, after maybe 5 to 10 years, starting to fall apart.

I don’t think these shoes are really worn, they are just old. The glue is giving out, yet the soles don’t look particularly worn as I’ve had 3 pairs of
shoes to spread the wear and tear of my walking over.

I’m debating shoe-repair show, or new shoes. I guess I need to look at prices and also get an estimate from a repair shop, because maybe I just need a


A show shop
400 East 3rd Street
Long Beach
(562) 437-7071

A store for New Balance
Big 5 Sporting Goods
205 East 4th Street, Long Beach, CA
City Place Shopping Center
(562) 495-3034

$50.00, 50% off

Something I saw on Amazon

My New Shoes?

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Pizza Story

As long as it’s there, here is a link to a photo essay on  flickr.

Italian Style Supreme PizzaA toaster ovenStuff for ToppingsOptionalsToppingsPizza
With TopppingsWith TopppingsInto the OvenOut of the Oven. Onto the Chopping Block!Asault on a PizzaPizza Under Siege (as beer looks on ;)
Pizza Under Siege (as beer looks on ;)Pizza Under Siege (as beer looks on ;)Pizza Under Siege (as beer looks on ;)Pizza Engaged in Hand-t0-hand CombatPizza Engaged in Hand-to-hand CombatPizza Decimated
Pizza Decimated

Pizza Story, a set on Flickr.

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I have this menu
 I created just to make life simpler.  When I can’t decide what to eat, I use it. Click the image to view.

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Food, This Blog, and the Economy


I am retired but I may start working part-time, soon. It a position a friend recommends me for comes through, I’ll be eating out more often and posting here.

I’ll get to cook fancier stuff too!

Oh, the funny code above is for Empire Avenue, a game I play.  The more I post here and elsewhere, the higher my score.

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